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Rural Village Seed Production Project (RVSPP)

Participating Communities

In 2010, the PMC selected rural communities to participate in the Rural Village Seed Production Project. The communities are distributed across Alaska:

To view community profiles and pictures for each RVSPP community, hover your mouse over the village labels on the map below.


  • Aniak160220
  • Hooper Bay52210
  • Manley Hot Springs252121
  • Pedro Bay206264
  • Metlakatla478340
  • Aniak

    Aniak is located on the southern bank of the Kuskokwim River. A previously established farm on several acres is available and plans are in place to refurbish this ground for project use. The project staff has been very diligent in ordering parts and supplies that they need to help them get started with a planting in the spring. The fireweed harvested in September 2011 has been dried and is being stored. The Calamagrostis seed will be cleaned in early 2012.

  • Hooper Bay

    Hooper Bay is located on the coast of Southwestern Alaska, in the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. Plans are to maintain several native stands of Beach Wildrye and harvest in fall 2012.

  • Manley Hot Springs

    Manley Hot Springs is located in Interior Alaska near the end of the Elliot Highway. This is the only community participating in this project that is on the road system. The Manley Village Council is working to organize their staff and has plans to clear up to 20 acres in the spring.

  • Pedro Bay

    Pedro Bay is a village of 50 residents located on the northeast corner of Iliamna Lake. This past summer, the Rural Village Seed Production Project began groundbreaking in Pedro Bay. Land clearing and construction of a seed house, materials building, and outhouse rounded out the 2011 field season in Pedro Bay. The crew is shut down for the winter and is anxiously awaiting the spring to put the finishing touches on the seed house and to host a dedication ceremony for the new structures.

  • Metlakatla

    Metlakatla seeded Bluejoint Reedgrass and hairgrass in late summer 2011. They are continuing to monitor and maintain the planting and expect to harvest in fall 2014.

Each participating community will receive funding to purchase equipment, supplies and labor needed for a successful native seed production business.


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