Alaska State Seed Laboratory

The Alaska State Seed Laboratory at the Alaska Plant Materials Center (PMC) is an official seed testing laboratory, certified by the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA), a national seed testing organization. The Alaska State Seed Lab was certified in 1998, and it remains the only official seed testing lab in the state of Alaska. The laboratory provides many essential services, including purity and germination tests, noxious weed seed examinations, tetrazolium testing, and grain moisture testing. The seed lab conducts qualitative seed analysis for growers, state and federal agencies, companies, and academic institutions.

Seed Testing & Analysis

Test reports are a valuable tool for end users of seed. Contaminants such as inert matter, weeds and other crop seeds are reported, as well as germination potential. Required by federal law for interstate commerce and state regulations, seed offered for sale must have current and accurate testing and labeling.

The seed lab conducts research into laboratory germination and dormancy breaking techniques, focusing on understudied native species that are being considered for cultivation. The seed lab also assists other state agencies and individuals in research on various projects including seed upgrade and viability enhancement, propagation techniques, and invasive weed seed vigor.

The Alaska State Seed Laboratory continues to train and educate personnel in seed examination, to provide for continuity of service. In 2010, the lab received a technology upgrade, consisting of an interactive whiteboard that is coupled with a highpowered digital microscope. Conference software running at the PMC allows these high-resolution images to be viewed and manipulated from the main conference room, assisting training and education efforts without putting sensitive lab equipment at risk.


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