Rural Village Seed Production Project (RVSPP)


There is an increasing demand for native seed due to state and federal mandates for its use in revegetation projects. There are existing commercial operations in Alaska that produce native seed, but because of the demand, much of the revegetation material is coming from out of state.

In 2010, the PMC selected rural communities to participate in the Rural Village Seed Production Project. The communities are distributed across Alaska:

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About the RVSPP

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The purpose of the Rural Village Seed Production Project (RVSPP) is to stimulate the development of Agricultural businesses in Alaska by working directly with rural communities to produce sustainable revegetation crops.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided funding for this project, through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. The $2.24 million dollar grant is intended to increase village income through natural resource development, business growth, technical assistance, job opportunities and low-tech business operations tailored for rural Alaska.

Rural Village Seed Production Project

In 2010, the PMC invited rural communities across Alaska to submit letters of interest in this unique program; resulting in the selection of the communities below:


The RVSPP would like to thank all of the villages that expressed interest or submitted applications to be part of this project.

Each participating community will receive funding to purchase equipment, supplies and labor needed for a successful native seed production business.

The PMC is working to establish long-term relations with the participating communities. Each location is independent and will tailor their project to regional goals, community needs and local markets. The RVSPP has on staff an Agronomist and a Natural Resources Specialist to assist the participating communities in the development of their particular endeavor.

The staff travels to the communities throughout the year to consult with participants, address project/community concerns, assist in crop selection, help in field layout and planting techniques, equipment purchasing, harvesting and provide other expertise as needed.

RVSPP Resources

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