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Chapter 5:  Cultivars and Species for Use in Alaska
Released for Commercial Seed Production

Chamomile, Arctic Wild
Kotzebue Germplasm arctic wild chamomile (pdf file) Tripleurospermum maritima, Selected Class “Natural”

Kotzebue Germplasm arctic wild chamomile, a perennial forb, grows on Alaska’s northwestern seashores and the Arctic coast.  This species was selected for revegetation, restoration, and possible landscape seedings.  The material was collected south of the Kotzebue airport in August 1996 and released for commercial production in 2006 (Wright, 2006).

Kotzebue Germplasm arctic wild chamomile
Figure 45:  Kotzebue Germplasm arctic wild chamomile

Cinquefoil, Staghorn
Mentasta Germplasm staghorn cinquefoil (pdf file)
Potentilla bimundorum, Selected Class “Natural”

This accession is the first cinquefoil released by the Alaska Plant Materials Center.  This genus has many examples of collections developed for the horticulture trade.  Mentasta however, was developed for reclamation and revegetation uses.   The collection was obtained near the village of Tok in 1995.  The species does best on sandy to gavely mineral soils.  Like the other recent Selected Class releases, Mentasta was not genetically manipulated for specific traits. Therefore, it carries the designation Natural.

Mentasta Germplasm staghorn cinquefoil

Figure 115:  Mentasta Germplasm staghorn cinquefoil

Fescue, Red
Henderson Ridge Germplasm red fescue (pdf file)
Festuca rubra, Selected Class “Natural”

Henderson Ridge red fescue was collected on Attu Island at the western end of the Aleutian archipelago in order to provide a seed source of red fescue native to that region.  The intended use is revegetation and erosion control.  Use of this material should be restricted to that region because its adaptation is not as widespread as the other red fescue cultivars used in Alaska (‘Boreal’ and ‘Arctared’). Henderson Ridge Germplasm was collected in 1993 and was released as a Selected Class in 2006 (Wright, 2007).

Henderson Ridge Germplasm red fescue

Figure 44:  Henderson Ridge Germplasm red fescue

Fescue, Viviparous
Safety Germplasm viviparous fescue (pdf file)
Festuca viviparoidea
, Selected Class “Natural”

This fescue species reproduces by viviparous means. This 2006 Select Class release (Wright, 2007) will only be available as a viviparous accession, meaning it will not be available as true seed.  The parent material was collected north of the Safety area of Alaska.  This unique harvest site supported only two species, both of which were viviparous (the other being Poa arctica). This release is intended for use in Arctic, Western, and Interior Alaska.

Safety Germplasm viviparous fescue
Figure 110:  Safety Germplasm viviparous fescue

Fireweed, Dwarf
Kobuk Germplasm dwarf fireweed (pdf file)
Chamerion latifolium
, Selected Class “Natural”

This accession was collected near the village of Kotzebue, Alaska.  It is a common species often found on river gravel bars throughout Alaska; hence its other common name.-.river beauty.  This collection was released in 2007 and is expected to be used throughout Alaska.  Production of this species (dwarf fireweed) has proven more successful than tall fireweed.

Kobuk Germplasm dwarf fireweed

Figure 105:  Kobuk Germplasm dwarf fireweed

Fleabane, Beach
Clam Lagoon Germplasm beach fleabane (pdf file)
Senecio pseudoarnica
, Selected Class “Natural”

Clam Lagoon Germplasm is a selection of beach fleabane collected on Adak Island in 1993 and released for commercial seed production in 2006 (Wright, 2006).  This species commonly occurs in coastal areas of Alaska, often in association with beach wildrye (Leymus mollis).  Its use should be restricted to revegetation and erosion control, but there may be some secondary value as an ornamental in some applications.  This forb is a rhizomatous perennial in the composite (aster) family.  This release is in the Selected Class of the Pre-certified Seed Production System.

Clam Lagoon Germplasm beach fleabane
Figure 43:  Clam Lagoon Germplasm beach fleabane

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