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Revegetation and reseeding are concepts with a wide degree of professional interpretations and subject to varied philosophies of political, scientific, economic, social and even personal views of correctness.  This manual reflects an interpretation that combines the professional and scientific views of the author with the legislation (political element) governing the Alaska Plant Materials Center.

Re-establishing vegetation can be accomplished in a number of ways, although this manual looks primarily at one – reseeding.  Dogmatic insistence on the use of seed, either native or introduced, for revegetation projects is not the intent of the author.  Nevertheless, this manual specifically addresses the seed component of revegetation and materially excludes all other aspects and methods (other than in mentioning) except the practice of revegetation with sprigs of beach wildrye (Leymus mollis), as described in Chapter 11.

Alaska Statue 03.22.020 (which establishes and governs the Plant Materials Center), states, among other things, that “the purpose of the center is… to encourage the development of a seed industry….”  Developing and releasing adapted, commercially viable native species for the Alaska seed industry is critical to that mission.  When these seeds are released, the Alaska Plant Materials Center recommends and specifies these native materials to end users for revegetation projects throughout the state.  These recommendations and specifications are based on environmentally and scientifically sound demonstration projects and experience.

This manual culminates that work.  In addition to giving sound revegetation suggestions for the use of native plants and seed, this manual also promotes the use of Alaska-grown seed and plants for the benefit of Alaskan seed growers.  Regardless, both the end user and the seed growers can rest assured that specific suggestions are only given if they are found to be agronomically and environmentally sound.  As a further note, revegetation suggestions should never be based solely on economic criteria.



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