Alaska Plant Materials Center

Serving Alaska's needs in the production of native plants and traditional crops.

Plant Materials Center Staff

Alaska Plant Materials Center
5310 S. Bodenburg Spur
Palmer, Alaska 99645
Phone: 907-745-4469
Fax: 907-746-1568

Robert Carter Agronomist III 907-745-8127

Alicia Holladay Administrative Assistant II 907-745-8104

Potato Program
Christine Macknicki Natural Resource Technician II 907-745-8021

Rusty Foreaker Agronomist I 907-745-8092

Invasive Plants & Agricultural Pests
Dan Coleman Natural Resource Specialist III 907-745-8721

Native Plant Commercialization & Revegetation
Phil Czapla Agronomist I 907-745-8747

Operations & Maintenance
David Edgerton Equipment Operator 907-745-8142

Pathology Laboratory
Todd Steinlage Agronomist I 907-745-8138

Seed Technology
Peter Johnson Agronomist I 907-745-8105

Soil Conservationist
Casey Dinkel Agronomist I 907-745-8108

State Seed Laboratory       Fax: 907-745-8230
Lyubomir Mahlev Agronomist II 907-745-8782


DNR's mission is to responsibly develop Alaska’s resources by making them available
for maximum use and benefit consistent with the public interest.

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