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The Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center is open by appointments only. Please call 907-745-4469 for further information.

Invasive Plants and Agricultural Pest Management

Welcome to Alaska's Invasive Plant Program. Our program coordinates prevention, outreach and management strategies for invasive plant issues through collaboration with land managers, agencies, organizations and policy makers across Alaska. These efforts are guided by the implementation of our Strategic Plan and relevant noxious weed regulations and policies. Our goal is to help keep Alaska's pristine landscapes and natural resources free from impacts of noxious and invasive plants.

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Strategic Plan

The invasive plants program at the PMC has developed a strategic plan to address the threat of invasive weeds and agricultural pests to Alaskan agriculture and natural resources.

Strategic Plan for Invasive Plants and Agricultural Pests in Alaska

The strategic plan was developed as a result of meetings of interested persons, and a community survey. Soil and Water Conservation Districts from across the state were involved in the review of the plan, as were the Cooperative Extension Service, state and federal agencies. These collaborative efforts resulted in a plan that addresses the goals of many concerned stakeholders in Alaska.

At the core of the plan are 8 goals. Within each of goal, objectives have been identified, as well as action strategies to accomplish these tasks. Each section of the plan deals with an individual goal.

The invasive weeds and agricultural pest management program is tasked with regular updates to the plan, including the accomplishments of the Division of Agriculture and its partners, as well as any new action strategies.

Having a strategy for invasive weeds and agricultural pest management will help guide natural resource management in Alaska for years to come. The goals and objectives in the plan will serve to support organizations and to inform newcomers about invasive species and agricultural pests here in Alaska.

For more information about the Strategic Plan for Invasive Weed and Agricultural Pest Management in Alaska, please contact the Invasive Plant Coordinator at the Plant Materials Center, or 907-745-8721. You can download the completed plan, or individual sections, using the links below.